GreenBank2u is a project by GoGreen Online, an innovative waste recycling method through our multiple recycle centers (a.k.a "GreenStation"). Every household could dispose their waste by exchange the household waste for credit points (a.k,a "GreenCoin").

Using the accumulated credit points, the family can exchange money or daily products with equivalent amount of credit point. This will create excellent fusion between residents, commercials, and recyclers that is sustainable and encouraging.


We believe if we work together, then we may save our world through our GreenRecords.


Our routine operation is door-to-door collection recycling program. Currently, we are on regular basis to pick up recyclable trash from GreenBank2u members across partner cities.

Our Network

We are organizing recycling activity with the NGO/NPO, resident association, private corporation, school to enhance the exposure of the important of recycling.

GoGreen Online

To introduce the point system of loyalty reward to recycling, which is more effective business model, as compared to the conventional donation and charity model.